Introducing Bluesy Cat

At last! I am so excited! A new Kazart cat character has emerged! Yep its been a while, a few different directions, a lot of scribbling but eventually, I knew the right one would happen along...

Introducing Bluesy Cat... the coolest new cat in town! He is cute as a very furry button, loves to croon and will serenade you with all his heart. Out of the way Michael Buble... Bluesy is in town!
Bluesy Cat - the coolest new cat in town. Hand-drawn and coloured with Derwent colour pencils on cartridge paper. Have I mentioned how much I love these pencils? Ever since I was a young girl and I received my first tin of 24 (which I treated like gold...) I have LOVED them. There is nothing that compares, especially when it comes to drawing furry characters.


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