Phoebe - Mad Hair Day

Phoebe couldn't think straight... her head felt like spaghetti – inside and out. Nothing seemed to make sense... had she got her wires crossed again? She tried to focus but losing her train of thought, decided to embrace her present tangled mess instead and just go with it. ROCK ON Phoebe! She secretly always wanted to be Suzi Quatro – but unfortunately, she only knew how to play classical guitar... oh well, no one will notice the difference?!
Mad Hair Day – originally sketched in pencil then redrawn using Illustrator. Collaged onto a watercolour  background in Photoshop where colour and special effects were added. Its so much fun - so many layers involved!
The idea for this illustration came from having a bad hair day (week?) while trying to come up with a new idea for a Phoebe illo for Illustration Friday. The end result has absolutely nothing to do with the latest IF topic but i feel soooo much better for having got another bad hair day out of my system! Thanks Phoebe... x

PS. This was created while listening to an inspiring black glasses wearing hero of guitar...

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