IF - Whiskers (x20)

Meow, meow meow, mreow! (English translation is Ho, ho, ho, oh ho!) Here's a stack of crazy cats in Christmas hats with twenty whiskers in tack! I just happened to be working on my new Cat Stack Christmas card design when the new IF topic appeared - 'Whiskers'. Purfect!
Have a meowy Christmas from Fat Cat, Scaredy Cat, Sneeky Cat and Grumpy Cat... mreow (x4).

Whiskers (x20) - count them if you like but there's definitely 20! Original illustrations were hand drawn using derwent colour pencils. The hats were sketched by hand then collaged using Photoshop. Hats were coloured in PS too. These are the crazy things i think of driving to and from work in my car... crazy hats for crazy cats!
If you would like to buy a Xmas Cat Stack Card, Print or Tee then go to Redbubble. Great for Christmas gifts!

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