Portrait of Dad

This is a small portrait of my Dad painted in oils on a canvas board. Its going to be a gift for him as he has just started drawing again at the grand age of 76 which just goes to prove its never too late! I remember him drawing people and faces when I was just a kid so it makes me so happy to see him finally pick up the pencil again!

Despite its small size, it has been a real struggle, taking me 3 days at my painting class to complete. I have threatened to paint over it (or throw it out the window) so many times! However, thanks to the encouragement of my incredible tutor, I finally finished it today (sigh of relief...). This time I have tried not to get so bogged down with detail (like I normally do...) and focus more on capturing the character and essence of the subject. Thought it would be easy to paint my Dad but it was actually quite difficult!? Still, I think (hope?) I have captured him here...

Portrait of Dad - painted with oils on canvas board (size: 25 x 30cm). The colourful background was created by using all of the leftover paint on my palette. 'Waste not, want not' as my Father used to say!


  1. Really nice Karen. He looks like someone who tells great jokes. He also looks very sweet.

  2. Thanks Angel! He definitely loves a chat...


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