Illustration Friday: Heights

Step by step she climbed, until finally she reached the top. The height of heights. Top of the world. Dizzy heights? Phoebe had made it! From there she could look down over the top of everything (luckily she wasn't too scared of heights...). Now what? Fly? There was really only one thing left to do...  a perfect swan dive back down to reality. It was way too lonely at the top.

Heights - hand drawn using pencil then digitally painted. Background is a hand painted watercolour that has been tweaked with Photoshop magic. Decided to delete the outline on the hair this time to give it more focus.
Its all about the hair with Phoebe...
Just started work on a series of Phoebe paintings using my IF Phoebe illos as designs. Really like the extreme vertical format which is why my illos have grown a bit taller lately. Hope to post a Phoebe painting soon. x

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