Phoebe - Distant

Phoebe had been very distant for a long time... possibly as far, far away as another universe. She had needed some space and perspective – somewhere quiet so she could hear herself think. Everything appeared differently from a distance. Big things appeared much smaller, small things completely dissappeared and the things that mattered the most stood out like stars. Finally she could make sense of the world...
Phoebe - Distant  Sketched by hand then redrawn in Illustrator. The background and grass were created in Photoshop.
Finally! Phoebe is back! Yep its been a while but this year I am aiming to post more often... there are a few more Phoebe stories up my sleeve yet so don't go away (!) I'll get them out of my head and onto my blog soon... Kazxo


  1. Yaaaaaay! Welcome back, Phoebe (& Karen!!!) Really love the leaves and tendrils of the branches - so fragile looking in contrast to the trunk & meshes perfectly with the contemplative theme of this piece!

    1. And yay back to you Mit for being my first wonderful comment! Wasn't expecting anything as it has been so long - thanks for inspiring me... x


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