Kazart Phoebe - Vermillion

Phoebe wanted to paint. She had vermillion on the brain. All she could think about was painting scarlet, vermillion, crimson... in fact, she just wanted to paint everything red. What did this mean? Was she angry? Mad? Going mad? She didn't care. She just wanted to get the red out of her head...
Phoebe Vermillion – I actually painted a small canvas for this background - serious fun! Phoebe was sketched by hand then redrawn using Illustrator then collaged onto the painted background using Photoshop. She's doing the classic about-to-throw-a-baseball pose just in case you're wondering... not that she's into baseball but it just seemed to help catipult the paint further.


  1. Phoebe is always passionate!! I'd say that is what that red is all about!!

  2. Your works are really beautiful. Can use them in my blog and FB and G+ posts with a link to your blog?

  3. I love it! Such wonderful, vibrant color! Great idea to use a painting and add Phoebe after! Ok, post more stuff now! :P


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