IF - Eye Glasses (Thick Black Glasses?)

Elvis oh Elvis... how would I get to work and back and maintain sanity without you? Seriously, I drive approx. 70km to work which takes 1.5 hours on a good day and up to 2 hours on a bad day and then do the same trip home each night. That's 140km stuck in my car with only my music to entertain me (the ads and crappy talk back on the radio are enough to do your head in so only ventured when absolutely desperate or CD player is having a spasm or completely sick of listening to the same CDs over and over and over... yep, my car is old - it even has a tape deck but we don't go there... Back to the IF topic - Eye Glasses? I did a series of huge pastel drawings based on people who inspired me that also happen to be wearing thick black glasses - which brings me back to Elvis Costello. He wears them. His music inspires me. I think I would marry his voice in another life... xo

Thick Black Glasses No. 1 (Elvis Costello) - sketched using pastels and charcoal on a huge piece of cartridge paper
 (approx. 600 x 900cm ish BIG)
And here are a few more v inspiring, creative, thick black glasses wearing faces from the same series... same huge sizes. Must do more... if only I could draw and drive at the same time?! Can you get booked for that?

Thick Black Glasses No. 2 (Tim Burton)

Thick Black Glasses No. 4 (Lisa Loab)

Thick Black Glasses No. 3 (Jeff Golden)


  1. i am amazed at the sizes! well these would definitely NOT fit into my briefcase ;-) super drawings! have a nice week-end ...

    1. Thanks Ellis! ANd yes they are really big in size - much more fun to do than fiddly little illos :)


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