Illustration Friday: Freeze

Phoebe felt cold. She was so cold, she thought she was going to freeze to death. Well, maybe not quite to death, but certainly into an exquisite ice sculpture?

Freezebecome ice.

Freeze - couldn't stop thinking about swan ice scuptures... I have no idea why?! So this illo has a definite frozen swan lake ballet feel to it... without the tutu. Brrrr....


  1. Hehe this is really cool I really like the hair and the bright colours :)

  2. OK. I'm thinking for this week's theme she probably should have invested in some clothing!!! I'm not sure merely earmuffs are going to cut it!!! BRRRRRRRRR!!!!! :) But despite the conditions, Phoebe is as lovely as usual, impressing me with her grace!

    1. Ha Ha! Actually i thought about a scarf... but then she wouldn't look quite so freezing.... ;)

  3. Oh she is sooooo exquisite! She is such a stylish character, even in her obviously freezing state, she still composes herself with grace!

  4. Thanks Claire! Luckily she was perfectly poised when she froze... ;)

  5. She's an ice princess! Fab! I love those earmuffs and those feet are just great!

  6. Yes indeed! She is definitely a princess... it was a tough call - ear muffs or tiara - ear muffs are weirder so they won... ;) x

  7. Awww, poor Phoebe. I want to scoop her up, sit her in front of a fire and give her some spiked hot chocolate!
    Beautiful as always.


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